All children have the capacity to grow and thrive. If your child is experiencing emotional, social or behavioural difficulties, child centred therapy at Likeminds Clinic can help. Child centred therapy allows children to express what’s troubling them and to make sense of their experiences through play, without relying on words, questions or explanations. Through therapy, children develop their capacity to regulate strong emotions, increase problem solving strategies, explore and improve communication skills, enhance coping strategies, role play social interactions and enhance pro-social skills.

Play enhances every domain of a child’s development
Dr Bruce D Perry

Child therapy is suitable for children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Our therapists at Likeminds Clinic respect that each child’s developmental experience is unique. We are able to work with children as young as 3 using evidence-based child centred therapy as early intervention. Child Therapy is most effective when a safe and trusting relationship is created between the therapist and child, with parents and carers as essential partners in the therapeutic process.

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Counselling for Young People

We all have different gifts, so we all have different ways of saying to the world who we are
Fred ‘Mister’ Rogers

Sure, you may be ‘young’, but you are also worthy of respect. The years between childhood and adulthood are a time of personal evolution that can be hectic, confusing and sometimes quite isolating. At Likeminds Clinic we understand how calming and reassuring it can be to have a safe space where you can simply be yourself – without judgement, questioning or expectations. We will support you to connect with yourself, recognise and build upon your strengths (yes – you already have them) so that you can live your life in a way that is connected to your values.

Support for Parents and Carers

Our kids need to know that we like who they are and that they matter
Erica Layne

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or carer, raising children and young people can be a see saw of emotions: our big emotions such as exasperation and frustration through to exhilaration and excitement; our gentler emotions such as hope, trust through to humbleness and love. In many ways, raising children is a two-way learning process. Our therapists at Likeminds Clinic understand that there is no ‘guide book’ for raising children, so our parent and carer focused therapy offers strategies and programs to strengthen child-parent relationships and promote connections.

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