Ben Mullings, PhD

IMPORTANT: Ben is currently not receiving new referrals due to a full schedule.

Dr Ben Mullings provides psychological care to individuals, couples, and families. His approach balances empathy, knowledge from research, and technological innovation from the field of psychotherapy. As a board-approved supervisor, he also supports other psychologists to engage in reflection, ethical decision making, and refining their skills in psychotherapy.

Ben has over a decade of experience in applying psychotherapy with a range of populations, in private practice and agencies, for couples in crisis, with former servicemen and women, and also with people in the justice system. He works with people across the world, using the Internet to expand services to people in difficult to reach areas. In the academic setting Ben has lectured on the topic of individual and group therapy, working with complex problem areas, qualitative research methods, and ethics. He is the current Head of Discipline for the Master of Counselling program at Murdoch University and the Clinic Director for the course.


  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology) with first class Honours
  • Master of Psychology (Counselling Psychology)
  • PhD (Psychology)

He also provides emotion-focused therapy and experiential approaches for deeper issues, including depression, grief, and issues around the complexities of relationships. Ben is the author of a recent review of the research supporting the application of experiential psychotherapy to specific problem areas. In addition to working with individuals, Ben provides therapy to couples. The focus of this work is to help couples resolve their conflicts, repair trust, and improve their relationship.