Likeminds Clinic are looking for skilled psychologists to provide quality psychological care alongside our team of private practitioners in Brentwood.

Supervision and peer group reflection are available. If needed, we can also provide assistance to establish your local profile in the region. All outgoings are included within a single fee. Sessional rates are available for mornings, afternoons, or evenings. Medicare providers are preferred as we are positioned upstairs from the local GP clinic.

Our philosophy is to provide the right supportive conditions to bring out the best in our practitioners. That means we look after the space completely, so you can settle in, focus, and engage with your clients. It’s important to us that everyone here fits together well. If you feel that our philosophy aligns with your values around kindness, self-reflection, and quality of care in psychotherapy, then we encourage you to get in touch.

There are three fully furnished rooms available. Each room comes with comfortable chairs, a desk and computer, a filing cabinet, and an iPad for tracking outcome measures. All outgoings and support services are included within the same monthly rate. We are situated in an excellent location with plenty of parking, great shops across the road, a medical centre downstairs and access to public transport nearby. It’s a really great spot!

Please take a look at the photos below, and if you’d like to find out more, call Dr Ben Mullings (0431 870 401) to arrange a time.