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About us

Likeminds Clinic provides professional psychological care. We are committed to a philosophy focused on kindness, self-reflection, and bringing out the best in people. As our name suggests, we are a team of like-minded mental health care professionals who enjoy working with people and their inner world and relationships. That’s why the quality of our work really means so much to us.

Our Approach

For every person we see, we aim to identify your unique strengths and resources, understand your values, and help you make a better connection with the world around you. All of our therapists are provided with resources to continually improve their practice. Our psychologists and counsellors at Likeminds Clinic tailor their approach to match your needs, asking you for regular feedback and reflection about how psychotherapy is working for you.

Where to find us

Likeminds Clinic is upstairs from Brentwood Village Medical Centre, at 67A Cranford Avenue, Brentwood.

There’s ample parking in the surrounding area and good access to public transport nearby. Our building is directly across the road from the Brentwood Village Shopping Centre. Our banner is directly above the doorway to the entrance, with doors leading directly upstairs to our reception area.

Please get in touch if you have any questions on 08 6181 2166.


Office: (08) 6181 2166
[email protected]


67A Cranford Avenue
Brentwood WA 6153