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Depression, grief and loss.

Although most of us experience occasional low points in life, there are times when a depressed mood can become overwhelming. Telling people to cheer up, or get over it, often makes things much worse. That sense of being alone can feel all consuming, but despite how powerful those feelings are, talking with a psychologist can and often does help.

When strong feelings of sadness or loss of interest persistently cause disruption or distress for more than two weeks running, we can describe those experiences as depression. Not everybody is the same. Depression is expressed in many different ways. Some become disinterested, others agitated, or indecisive. Depression can affect your sleep, leading you to oversleep or hardly sleep at all. Your appetite can be affected, leading to marked weight loss or weight gain, depending on the person. People living with depression can be preoccupied with a sense of unworthiness, guilt, or thoughts about death. Talking with a counsellor or a psychologist can help you see what is going on, to express your feelings, be heard, and hopefully make a few positive changes. You don’t have to struggle on your own.

Grief shares a lot in common with depression. There is a natural emotional response as people come to terms with the inevitable losses we encounter over the course of living (loss of loved ones, serious illness or injury, or significant changes to identity for instance). People often describe grief as “depressing”, however, we often find with grief that profound feelings of loss come in waves mixed with some positive feelings and memories. A measure of self-esteem is often retained in grief. The grieving process can involve complex and conflicting experiences, such as shock, denial, or feeling emotionally numb, when struggling to accept the reality of a loss. Significant losses often require some adjustment, both in terms of practical changes and making some meaning in life after the loss. Getting support during that time can help to come to terms with loss, express your feelings about it, and to find a new way forward.

Our counsellors and psychologists at Likeminds Clinic are experienced in working with depression, grief, and loss. If you’d like to request an appointment, follow the prompts on the main menu above.